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Targeting the RNA epitranscriptome

SACRA Therapeutics pioneers novel therapeutic strategies based on selective targeting of RNA modifying proteins for treating incurable solid and hematological cancers.


Our journey so far



Discovery of the role of RNA modifiers in cancer

Guzzi et. al; Cell, 2018



First drug discovery plans made

Received an LU innovation seed grant and a Novo Nordisk Pioneer Innovator grant.

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

SACRA is a collaboration between experts for drug discovery, clinical oncology and epitranscriptomics. Our focus is “having the end in mind”-being guided by what brings benefits to the patients, at the same time realizing the potential of a novel therapeutic paradigm.

News and Events

Meet us at the Nordic Life Science days 2023!
29-30 Copenhagen, Denmark

Contact Us


c/o Red Glead Discovery AB
Medicon Village
223 81 Lund


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